Watch The Superbowl Online

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Watch Superbowl Online

We like to bring our readers clips from time to time. Here is another great one.

The issue is one of marketing rights. As every fan of the game knows, the superbowl is not just about the value of the game, it's about the commercials. Customers spend massive amounts of money in order to put out ads during this one game, one day of the year and the network that receives the right to broadcast the game will not likely give that up in order to allow you to watch the Superbowl online. It really is in fact a bit of marketing genius on the part of the National Football League in that they instituted the Super Bowl and the limited number of games. It means that broadcasters will pay massive amounts of money for the right to broadcast the games and it means you, the fan will pay massive amounts of money for the right to watch the game in person. But don't try watching the superbowl online, they say, because that would cut into our profits and we can't have that.

Still, if you live in a foreign country and desperately must watch the superbowl online, there are a few limited options you can try to use in order to accomplish that feat. The simplest one is to use a device called a sling box. The Sling Box is a small box that sits on top of a cable box and broadcasts the cable box's content onto the Internet, allowing you to watch the Superbowl online. Of course in order to do that, you'll need a friend or relative to hook up a sling box to broadcast the game.

Another way you can watch the superbowl online is by using one of the free streaming TV services. Some of them, such as TVUNetworks and SopCast will have streaming feeds of the game as well. Basically, they work similarly to a Sling Box in that someone needs to be streaming it through their computer onto the net. The difference is, that you don't need to be concerned with who is streaming the game. These programs use a peer to peer sharing service, similar to Bit Torrent to allow you and all your friends to see the game through your computer since at the same time you're watching that amazing touchdown, you're also simultaneously broadcasting it to someone else watching in a computer nearby.

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